Elliott Wave Forecast: Bull Market Nearing Interim Peak on SP500


Elliott Wave Forecast: Back on September 12th  with the […]

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Gold: brief pause, or final bottom?


Something may have changed today in the gold market. For one I think gold probably formed a minor daily cycle bottom today. But what I’m really talking about is the complete recovery from another middle of the night attack. For most of the last year these late night attacks have worked wonders for sending gold […]

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Forex Course for Beginner Traders

Lesson 1: Introduction to The Forex Market Section I: Forex – introduction Section II: The Forex Market Section III: Benefits of Trading Forex Section IV: Main Forex Participants Forex lesson 1: Summary Report Lesson 2: Currency Trading Basic Concepts Section I: Currency Trading Basic Concepts – Introduction Section II: Forex – The Very Basics Section […]

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Next week in the gold market

Trying to predict short term direction is notoriously difficult, especially in the volatile metals market, but I’m going to take a stab at it today.  First off let me start with the big picture: For almost a year now I’ve been saying that the inflation that’s been stored in the stock market for the last […]

Another big move up coming in mining shares

Now that the first leg off the bear market bottom has been completed the mining shares have been consolidating for the last three weeks in preparation for another leg up, and I expect the second leg will be almost as powerful as the first.   As gold is now late in its daily cycle I’m […]

Daily commenatry

Daily commentary for Feb. 28

AlgoTrades system is now available for automated investing

As you likely know I have been working on automating my long term SP500 investing strategy which I call AlgoTrades. I would like to mention that we are taking on new clients to our AlgoTrades automated investing system. We are very excited to tell you that the doors are currently open for you to become a [...]

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Feb 26th- Gold Due for Pullback Wave 2?

A pullback in Gold today to 1320’s from the 1348 high.  […]