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Well, what can I say. Third consecutive up-day for Orko Silver Corp which saw intraday prices go as high as 0.82 before ending the day at 5.41% at 0.78
Here’s where it gets better. Just take a look at the chart and in particular at the circled zones at the RSI indicator and the corresponding price action.
The last 2 such occurrences always went with high increases in very few days.
Therefore that I dare to conclude that getting to 1.00 wouldn’t be that hard of a stretch.
We’re not even in overbought zone which is above 70 so there’s still plenty more upside than there is downside at the moment.

Volume is still really strong compared to other junior miners. That’s always a good sign, very very positive for a stock. Means there’s plenty of opportunity for a shareholder to AND buy AND sell his shares. That gives investors ease of mind and also plays a small part in the larger scheme of things which draws in investors.

One does have to start wondering if we’ll ever get back in our nice little comfy trading range of a couple of days ago? (See second chart on this page)
If I had to make a bet on that I’d choose the no answer and if I’m wrong and Orko does fall back I’m just going to load up more shares 🙂

With gold and silver going…

Insert Deity name here

…knows where and a producing mine in some future date…wow, producing silver mine, ease up on the brakes there fella, lets first add some more ounces to the list.
In short, I think you’ll understand my excitement about Orko Silver. Once other ‘potential’ Orko investors start this realization process they will come to the same conclusions.

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Orko Silver Chart September 3, 2009
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2 thoughts on “Orko Silver Chart September 3, 2009

  • September 3, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    good work yeoldgold……cheers


  • September 3, 2009 at 5:31 PM

    Thnx mate. Its done with compassion, motivation and a deep interest in everything that glitters 🙂

    Exciting times ahead caffee.

    I remember just a short while ago writing about how Orko Silver was a bargain under 0.70 and now look where we are 😉

    talk to ya later.

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