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Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub – Orko Silver Corp. Trend Analysis.

I’ve included a 3 month chart to better highlight the nice run up we’ve had the last couple of days.
I also have to say I’ve not encountered many stocks which perform so well like Orko Silver has done over these almost 2 weeks. Not that we’ve seen high rallies or anything like that but the performance of Orko is just really really good.

Not that many stocks trade that long in the overbought zone without showing any signs of consolidation. This must mean that Orko Silver is appreciated by the market and investors acknowledge its huge potential.

I again read a post on stock-house today about the index Orko Silver is included in. A story known to me since it was already one of many reasons why I decided to invest in Orko Silver.
If you’re not familiar with this index,..I’m referring to the McEwen Capital Junior Gold Index.

And since we made a close over 0.90 we have here what I like to call

the last days of bargain sales.

meaning that as of today we really have entered a stage in which investors themselves will want to see this trading above 1.00 and soon to be investors will be more than eager to buy with a limit of anything under 1.00. Anything under 1.00 is now considered a sale….and they would be right about that.

Every technical indicator is pointing in the right direction, everything about this chart is telling me this wants to go even further and higher.

I think we can be brief on this one today.

Tomorrow,…going up!

Cheers and good fortune.

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Orko Silver Chart September 16, 2009
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