So, my Orko Silver blog has been up and running for a month now. I thought a small survey was in order to better figure out the needs of my blog readers.

Therefore I would like to make a small request to those readers that do have some comments or points they’d like to raise…to just post a comment by using the form under this article. So, having followed and reading my blog from time to time…what do you think I could improve or add? I will write down some questions here but its an open survey so if you have any other remarks or things you’d like to discuss then that would be fine. Don’t feel confined to the questions posed below.

  • Are there any things you’d like to see me do differently?
  • Are you missing anything now which you think would be nice to have included in my daily blog?
  • Is the daily chart I do each day of any help to you?
  • Are there any other requests I should know about?
  • Anyone have any ideas on other potential silver stocks? If you know any and the requests are plenty I will certainly consider it and who knows, maybe another blog will come of it.
  • Also, what do you appreciate or like the most of my blog?
  • Do you have any other advice you think I should look into?
  • What do you think about the layout of the blog

Would love to hear from you and to those who do, thanks for taking the time to help me improve on the blog.


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One month anniversary Survey September 23, 2009

One thought on “One month anniversary Survey September 23, 2009

  • September 23, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    Thanks for all of your hard work – you are a real credit to the small-cap investing community.
    We need more people like you in the world !


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