A couple of days ago in my Orko Silver Chart October 19, 2009 posting I explained about the Orko Silver Corp. Trend Analysis and how you can put it to use in your own portfolio’s.

The way is this, if you are like me and have lots of junior miner plays which you are interested in and think could do well, have good projects, have started drilling, are into an area you like,…many many reasons and thus many junior mines you could follow at any one time. Now, I put all of them in my MarketClub portfolio and have them alert me when certain criteria have been met which I can determine for myself. That way for me its just a question of waiting for the alert to come before I enter, add to or exit a stock.

Those alerts combined with my email filters and labels in Gmail are quite powerful. Mind you, you have to configure these alerts and email filters yourself. For instance, you can configure a filter in Gmail telling the code to pickup an email coming from MarketClub from for instance Orko Silver with a subject of ‘Price breakout above’ and have Gmail place it in its own category with its own label. You can choose your own categories, your own labels, the alert types in MarketClub.

Once the first alert comes you can setup the filter easily and you can create them for all your juniors as it then is only a matter of changing a company name here and there. Lots of possibilities. I find it works amazingly well.

I sometimes get asked as to how I pick my stocks, why I enter at such or such a price, where I learned some of the things I talk about on this blog and so on and so on.

The MatrixWell, as the Latin saying goes ex nihilo nihil fit, out of nothing comes nothing. So, I will first start off by excusing myself for well, again being the heretic that I am for going against certain common beliefs or scientific theories but there has to be a catalyst of some sorts to initiate the reaction. My catalyst, common sense, a lot of study, lots of reading, a certain je ne sais quoi and a lot of well-learned from mistakes and my own Matrix moment.

After also bearing some of the brunt of this crisis I had to decide for myself. Do I take the blue pill and do I continue my normal day to day life, away from the markets, away from any ticker symbol and basically away from anything I had come to love so dearly or do I take the red pill which in a way symbolizes risk, doubts, excitement and possible despair.

For me the choice was easy, the markets are like a kind of Matrix. Those who follow it and are good at it can like Neo in the Matrix see what lies beyond. Neo could as very well have been a futures or an options trader. He sees prices of oil rising months ahead of the event and he will have already stocked up on oil when prices where cheap and thus seeing beyond what the blue pill people will see since they have to rely on news stories like ‘Oil prices have risen’…after the event so to speak while Neo would be the one selling them the more expensive oil.

I know I know, I sometimes see things very differently than most but I do try to make myself clear through some of my comparisons which just might ring true to most of who read it and I think it adds to the message I want to deliver to my readers.

For those interested I’ve found an email course done by MarketClub which addresses pretty much all aspects of what I have already discussed from time to time or which probably will come up in one my charts, it will explain certain terms and add to your understanding.

In the email course, various tools and strategies will be shown and explained which one needs to increase their success rate in the marketplace.

  1. The importance of psychology in price movement
  2. How to spot mega trends
  3. Understanding of technical price objectives
  4. How to picture price objectives
  5. How to trade with moving averages
  6. How to use point and figure trading techniques
  7. How to use the RSI indicator
  8. How to correctly use stochastics in your trading
  9. How to use the ADX indicator to capture trends
  10. How to capitalize on natural market cycles.
  11. Fibonacci Retracements
  12. MACD
  13. Bollinger Bands

If I had to say to start somewhere, I’d say start here. I also suggest you do a search on Google for Adam Hewison.

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