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Gold Bar - BullionVaultThere’s a secure store of gold bullion in Zurich where every last gram is owned by private individuals like you.

It outweighs most central-bank gold reserves, sheltering its owners from currency shocks and the risk of credit default.

And you can join them today — at no cost to yourself — in owning professional-grade bullion offshore in Switzerland.

You will also receive a detailed report on Five Myths of the Gold Market, so you can judge for yourself whether investing in gold could help defend your savings in 2008.

Claim this in-depth report, plus your complimentary gram of Zurich gold, at BullionVault now.

Gold rose 600% in the 1970s,” says Jim Rogers, world-famous commodities trader and best-selling author of Adventure Capitalist.

“Then gold went down nearly every month for two years.

“Most people gave up — but then it went up another 850%.”

Gold pulled back again after a huge surge in early 2008. Now it’s trading more than 10% below the all-time record it set versus the US Dollar above $1,000 an ounce. It’s slipped back against the Euro and Pound Sterling, too.

But that’s simply “what happens in bull markets,” as Jim Rogers says. And joining this bull market now could prove very rewarding if the Dollar, Euro and Pound all continue to slide against bullion.

Why not find out for yourself, starting for free today?

To get hard facts — instead of just hype — simply accept this free gram of gold, plus this in-depth report at BullionVault.

Very few investors or savers own gold outright today. Fewer still hold gold offshore in professional storage. And accepting this gram of gold today won’t put you under any obligation to buy or sell in the future.

No salesman will call. Nor will BullionVault ever rent, sell or abuse your email address.

BullionVault simply makes buying gold and selling it easy. No hidden charges, plus very tight spreads, make it the most cost-effective route to owning physical gold bullion for private investment.

That’s why London’s Mail on Sunday featured its gold-dealing service last summer. BullionVault has been reviewed by Der Spiegel and Capital magazines in Germany. Britain’s leading financial newspaper, the Financial Times recently ran a full-page interview with Paul Tustain, the founder and director.

It confirmed that BullionVault “dramatically” cuts the costs of private gold ownership.

If you’d like to learn more and receive this in-depth report on How the Gold Market REALLY Works today, claim your free Zurich gold at BullionVault now.

PLEASE NOTE: I will receive a small referral commission for any accounts opened through this article. But the tiny dealing fees and storage charge you will pay would be no smaller without it.

And this ground-breaking service really does give you unique access to live gold market prices, cutting out the middleman and slashing the costs of investing in gold.

To find out for yourself, go to http://www.bullionvault.com/Gold_Market_Myths now.

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Five Myths of the Gold Market Exposed
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