Continental Minerals Corp. Daily Chart December 04, 2009
Continental Minerals Trend Analysis.
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Continental Minerals Corporation (Continental) is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of properties located in the People’s Republic of China (the PRC). The Company is the owner of a 100% interest in the Xietongmen Property in the PRC, which is comprised of the Xiongcun and Laze exploration licenses. Continental operates through a number of directly and indirectly wholly owned subsidiaries. The Company directly and indirectly owns two Cayman Islands (Cayman) subsidiaries: N7C Resources Inc, and N8C Resources Inc. N8C Resources Inc. owns 60% of Highland Mining Inc. Continental owns 100% of Great China Mining Inc., which itself owns 40% of Highland Mining Inc. The Xietongmen Property is located approximately 240 kilometer west of Lhasa, Tibet, People’s Republic of China. Three exploration licenses (Zemuduola, Banonla, and Donggapu) have been merged into one, called Laze. The Xietongmen deposit is a porphyry coppergold deposit.

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