Mundoro Capital Inc. Daily Chart December 04, 2009
Mundoro Capital Inc. Trend Analysis.
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.

Mundoro Capital Inc. is a Canadian based public company, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, which operates as a mineral exploration, development and investment company. The ownership of Mundoro Mining, and its Maoling Gold Project, remains a key asset of Mundoro Capital and the Company will continue to develop the Maoling Gold Project. Mundoro Capital will also evaluate and invest in resource assets or companies in the natural resources field, which can create value for Mundoro Capital and its shareholders, using management’s years of specialized experience in the capital markets focused on evaluating exploration and production assets, resource investment opportunities and structuring unique transactions for investments in the resource sector.

Mundoro Mining Inc. is a resource company focused on the exploration and development of the large-scale, advanced exploration stage Maoling Gold Project in Liaoning Province, north-east China.

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