Silver Spot Daily Chart
Silver Spot Daily Chart December 15, 2009
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub – Silver Spot Trend Analysis Marketclub - Silver Spot Trend Analysis (What’s this?)

I’m looking at the daily chart here, December the 15th on our 349th day of the year with only 16 more to go before we take silver into 2010.

Now, looking at the daily chart, I must honestly confess, I’ve seen better. Yes, at December the 11th we’ve hit a new 3 week low of $16.91. Yes, we have been trading down from our high of $19.45 which was put on the boards at December the 2nd and have traded down from then. Yes, we are trading below our Moving Averages.

However, to me, that only shows that we could be very near a turning point which does not mean I’m indicating a bottom here. Don’t get me wrong, what I’m saying is, the market could find a bottom here. Like me, others look at the same charts and find the same lines, resistances, supports, pivot points, 8 year cycles, 12 year cycles,… And to me, unless I fail at drawing computer generated straight lines in a…well…straight line…then the chart is telling me we could indeed be at such a point.

So, when I say, NO, I’m not indicating a bottom, I’m also saying, either we go up from here or we break the trend line. So, that still leaves us both options.

Which do I favor or rather think more likely to happen from here?

Well, personally and chart wise I’d say we very well could go up from here. So my guess is there will surely be many investors who will take the figuratively speaking plunge into a silver long investment. When some do, that will cause a ripple and more will follow. It is the way of the market.

I’m already hearing about March 2010 silver prices going as high as $22.00. So, already the market is looking at way higher prices than what we are now looking at.

So,…is a $22.00 silver price in March 2010 realistic?

Well, the answer to that question would be…PRETTY MUCH YEA!

Like gold, silver CAN, HAS and WILL again in the near future perform like it seems there is nothing holding it back. Just take a look at the beginning of September when gold started moving away from the $1000 level, silver was trading at September the 1st with a low of $14.62 moving all the way up to September the 17th to finish off with a high of $17.65. At that very same time gold had only made a high of $1024.

Seasons Greetings Bar Silver - 2009 Copyright Northwest Territorial MintNow, I’m sure not all of my readers are math geniuses but I think you’d have to agree that getting from $14.62 to $17.65 is more of an increase than getting from $1000 to $1024? I think silver made about a 18% gain while gold had to settle for a mere 3% gain.

So, yes, I like the shiny gold, I admit! And yes, it is more precious but for my normal investments, like shares and the junior market I prefer the leverage I get in silver over gold.

It’s just personal preference I suppose.

So, to continue with the chart and my motivation for my comments, well, you see, first and foremost if we break $17.00 from here…and with the emphasis on here…then I really don’t know where this has to go, daily then. Only to say that from here on down and below $17.00 would be Christmas Silver Shopping Season.

MACD looks to be heading back up and the histogram already is showing signs of starting to de
cline back to zero and hopefully above the center line again. Now, it is too early to tell but it is on the chart so, the downward momentum has definitely decreased. Whether this holds I honestly don’t know but the latest about the rising wholesale prices and the inflation fears will put an additional level of support under gold and silver?

To end my daily chart, plain and simple, there is more support to be found around these prices than there is resistance. Like electricity, silver will go the way of least resistance…that in my opinion is UPWARDS!

Silver Spot Weekly Chart
Silver Spot Weekly Chart December 15, 2009
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub – Silver Spot Trend Analysis Marketclub - Silver Spot Trend Analysis (What’s this?)

On to the weekly then, well for one, there is the $16.00 support level which is a very nice thing to have. Since, earlier it was a resistance, now that we are steadily trading above that level it will act as support like it has in the past.

Why bring up the $16.00? Just to show that if silver does manage to break the trend line then $16.00 is the number I’m looking at to look for a bounce back up. Nothing wrong with being prepared either way,…is there?

For now, I will remain looking up and not down! We are still trading upwards and still in a clearly definable up trend. We are also still trading in our trend channel all be it that we are now at the bottom of our lower trend line.

Most important thing is, we are holding as you’ve seen daily and weekly.

So, not much more I can say here. We need to look for confirmation of this thing wanting to go higher from here. Silver could trade sideways for a bit longer before heading back up. Anything above $17.00 is still bullish, getting to far below $17.00 would be bearish and should put investors in alert mode.

So, to answer the question, will silver bounce back before Christmas? Well, it is already sorta doing that. Only thing left to do from here is get back to our earlier high of $19.45 and leave the under $19.00 zone behind us and in thus doing so creating a bottom and support at $19.00.

Lets take this one step at a time though, that means, daily, lets get back above $18.14 first and then look again.

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Will Silver Bounce Back Before Christmas?
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