The Dollar Increases on the Euro’s Decline.

US Dollar Daily Chart
US Dollar Daily Chart December 23, 2009
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub – US Dollar Trend Analysis Marketclub - US Dollar Trend Analysis (What’s this?)

I’ll just do a quick run down on the chart.

I’ve added the ADX chart. Again on the ADX for those who have not used this indicator before, the Average Directional Index can determine trend strength regardless of the market direction. This non-directional oscillator is based on a range of 1 to 100 (although movements over 60 are rare). If the line is under the 20 mark, the trend is considered to be weak. If the line is above the 40 mark, the trend is considered to be strong. The ADX line is built on the results of two separate technical indicators, the +DI (force of up-moves) and the –DI (force of the down-moves). The default for this study is 14 periods which takes into the consideration the measurements of the +DI and –DI for the last 14 periods.

Dollar FanKnowing that and looking at the chart, you can clearly see that the -DI has had the upper hand for most of the year since March 2009. That changed however early December when the dollar started rallying on the very bad news that was coming out of Europe and in particular from Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

Have a read through following article.

The MACD or Moving Average Convergence Divergence is clearly trading upwards and on the daily trading above the center line. It has not been above the center line since March 2009. So daily and thus short term the trend is UP.

RSI or Relative Strength Index has reached the overbought zone.

To summarize, short term, yes we are in an UP trend, the chart confirms that. However, RSI has reached overbought. MACD is trending higher but with choppy performance. We are trading farther and farther away from the 30 and 50 MA so a consolidation is getting more and more likely to happen from here.

US Dollar Weekly Chart
US Dollar Weekly Chart December 23, 2009
Chart is courtesy of marketclub.
Marketclub – US Dollar Trend Analysis Marketclub - US Dollar Trend Analysis (What’s

MACD, well we are still trading below the center line which confirms that weekly we are still not out of the woods yet. The histogram however shows a nice steady increase, one which qualifies as being strong and steady.

Cash rollRSI is hovering around 50 which leaves plenty of room either UP or DOWN.

From earlier on in the article you already read about the ADX indicator. Well, then you know that the blue line does not tell you anything about the direction but merely the strength of the trend. Our blue line thus was increasing from March 2009 until the beginning of December 2009. Now because the dollar was dropping since March our blue line thus indicated that there was a strong DOWN trend.

Now that we see the ADX bending down and going lower we can thus assume that the strength of the down trend has decreased.

The +DI however was trading upwards but has now flattened out so I will have to wait and see if we get any higher beyond from where we are now.

From the chart we also see that we are now trading above the 10 and 30 MA on the weekly. That still leaves us the 50 MA at around 80.56. Until we have clearly taken out the 80.00 there is no difference to the long term trend…which is still DOWN by the way.

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