CashHere are the results from December. Now, the end total would not have been my total gains, mine would probably be a little larger (I would have bought Mundoro around 0.85, Noront around 2.20,…) would I have invested in all stocks. Also, to keep it on the level I decided to stick with the day price of posting instead while doing my results. Since this is new for me also I’m just trying to find the ropes on how to handle this as best and honest I can. With my new stock picks I will in future post my exact entry on the chart image and in the article.

I thus expect those who read and interpret my charts to do their own due diligence as to which entry they choose and when to cut their losses. Again, these are LONG-term charts and are thus meant to be interpreted such.

Just remember to treat the stock market like you would do a little baby. Handle with care and remember, babies have temper tantrums, they make a lot of noise and they are all over the place if not carefully monitored. Also, most of these babies DO grow up and then again…some don’t. Just like in real life.

Most alerts are from December the 4th and one I noticed only later and that was Merrex Gold Inc, but still in time to get some decent profits before the New Year. Also, I’ve added comments beneath most articles so you know how I feel about them at the moment. Still looking to add on those 30% gains, that’s for sure.

Also, in January I will be posting some new YeOldGoldNugget Stock picks. Look out for them! Each month I will of course be adding new stock picks to the list because some stocks have already gone too far up however some are still worth an entry. Besides that, with a New Year comes new readers and to give everyone a go I think doing this on a monthly basis will suffice.

I will post an update on the charts with numbers in the red later on cause most of them are in my opinion ready to start their move up. Those that require so can always post a comment beneath an individual chart and I’ll try to hasten it up. Before investing and putting any money in the market make sure to read my about page and also to do your own due diligence.

Update January 05, 2010

I posted some new comments at each article. Check them out. I can already let you know, there is only one chart or stock which has slightly fallen out of my favor and that is Noront Resources. If you had to choose any right now, from these,…I’d say Jinshan Gold, Gran Tierra, Sterling Resources, Corridor Resources, Kimber Resources, Gran Tierra and Continental.

Sterling Resources
Buy at 1.77
Now at 1.97

Corridor Resources
Now at 5.41
Buy at 4.90

Mundoro Capital
Buy at 1.00
Now at 1.23

Jinshan Gold Mines
Buy at 2.73
Now at 3.17

Merrex Gold Inc.
Buy at 0.79
Now at 0.94

Nevada Copper Corp.
Buy at 3.15
Now at 3.10

Globestar Mining Corp.
Buy at 1.08
Now at 0.99

Kimber Resources Inc.
Buy at 1.45
Now at 1.34

Contintental minerals
Buy at 2.30
Now at 2.13

Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
Buy at 6.32
Now at 6.00

Noront Resources
Buy at 2.57
Now at 2.07

Orko Silver Corp. is unchanged. Entry still at $1.20 and price now at $1.20.

Total Gains
Still beats any bank 🙂

Update on those in the red (from my December picks) and unchanged on January 07, 2010 :

Orko Silver Corp.
Buy at $1.20
Now at $1.40
Going strong!

Nevada Copper Corp.
Buy at $3.15
Now at $3.25
Chart looks really strong. Look for the upward momentum to continue.

Globestar Mining Corp.
Buy at $1.08
Now at $1.11
Chart looks like up is where we need to look.

Contintental minerals
Buy at $2.30
Now at $2.11
Now, this is at -8% and yet the chart tells me there is potential upside from here on. At least from the chart there seems to be some support at this level so…not my favorite but I’ll give this a go. If this support around 2.09 – 2.11 breaks then I would sell.

Noront Resources
This one has gone like you could read from the comment I placed (follow the link).

Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
Gone from a favorite to…well..GONE!

Kimber Resources is still do-able. Not a favorite anymore but do-able. From where we are at $1.40, at $1.30…KICK. Easy as mince pie!

If I really really really like a stock as in something I consider holding for longer then I will mostly make that clear. Orko Silver of course and Jinshan is a contender for such a title. The rest…do your own due diligence.

All other red ones, well simple, follow the trading rules and get out in time. I never take more than 10% losses and even then I check and see if I’m willing to take even 8% loss. Do your own diligence, each trader has a different trading technique, mine is never let a bad trade get worse and worse.

Very important to remember! You are investing to make money and not to lose it.

Also, markets move and stocks don’t just keep trending upwards. Well, some do but most don’t! Take profits and if you like the stock…sell on strength and buy on weakness! Else…exit and move on to the next.

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