Average profit of +29% for 2009
With our free trade alerts you could have made an average of +29% per alert this year. Also Great Panther Resources Ltd and Romarco Minerals Inc. that are still running are added to this average.

Watch out
Your profit will be a bit less since the transaction costs are not included and also the spread -bid and ask price- is not weighed into the calculation, just the price on the boards when the position is closed. Please read our disclaimer.

All alerts where profitable
All our closed alerts made you a profit, so no losers at all.

Watch out this is exceptional. Because we will now have a whole year it can always happen that there are less profitable or even losing trades, let me be clear about that. All traders have losses, it is that simple! And that is ok, as long as you take your loss -when you are down between 1% or 2% of your total portfolio- and move on.

We are happy and I hope you are too and we will do all we can to also make 2010 a profitable year.

What are our plans for this year?
Giving trade alerts is not the only thing we do, we will also add new articles about trading. Point you to nice tools or other sites, in short all what we can to make it easier for you to get around in the markets and become a better trader.

Marketclub – Free Great panther resources limited Trend Analyse

Links of interest

Results for 2009 and what are we going to do this year?

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