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The latest alert on the list is Nebu Resources Inc. It trades on the venture exchange under ticker symbol NBU.

This is a golden oldie of mine cause I already posted an alert on Nebu when it was still trading at $0.14..

My entry into the stock is at $0.42. I’ve added some levels on the chart, around $0.38 is cutting losses. For those willing to ride it out there is still support at lower levels but if Nebu decides to drop then make sure you profit from your losses by adding to your position.

Before entering any stock. First setup your trading plan, stoploss, entry, exit and stick with it so in the end…there will be only one person to point the finger too….guess who that will be.

Then a little bit about the company itself. You can find this information on their website at

Nebu Resources Inc. (The Company) is a junior exploration company, now focused on gold exploration projects in Canada, with a current focus in Ontario, specifically the West Timmins Area and in Burntbush, Ontario.

The Timmins area properties, collectively known as “The Timmins West Properties”, are essentially encircling, within 15 kms, the high grade results reported by West Timmins Mining Inc. and Lakeshore Gold Corp. and the Nebu properties includes a number of historic gold occurrences that also have never been tested at any significant depth.

The Burntbush properties are located approximately 30 kms west of the Casa Berardi Deformation Zone, located just over the border in western Quebec.

Map of Canada


Timmins West PropertiesView Project
Nebu Resources controls 6 non-contiguous exploration properties covering 800 hectares of land in the historic West Timmins mining district in Northern Ontario.

Burntbush – View Project
A total of 45 claim units containing 654 claim units covering a nominal 10,500 hectares are staked as two contiguous claim blocks. Interest in the area relates to the gold and base metal potential of this under-explored greenstone belt.

Quest Lake Properties – Princess Lake, Quill Lake and Hilltop Lake View Project
In the quarter ending, Nebu Resources further staked more land in the Quest Lake area and thus, has acquired (in summary with previous staking), a 100% interest in three non contiguous gold properties located in the Quest Lake Area in northwestern Ontario.

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Nebu Resources Inc. (V.NBU)
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