Canadian Junior Resource Stocks

In Search of Exceptional Opportunities Within Emerging Canadian Junior Resource Companies

That is the quote you can read on Michael Quart’s Canadian Junior Resource Stocks website. I came across Michael’s website a couple of months ago and was captivated by the effort he has put in his website, he has several stock lists on every resource you can think of. Following is a short introduction to his website.

Why invest in hard assets?

Our banking system is no longer backed by gold which has always been considered real “money”.  The banking system and in particular the Federal Reserve Banks are run by Japanese, European and North American so called ‘elite’ who monopolize and manipulate the global currency for their own purposes.

By opting out of dependence on their ‘fiat’ paper system and into commodities which generate real wealth, not worthless paper, investors are able to stay ahead of devaluing investments due to inflation and political mismanagement. We can’t do anything about the current ‘econo-political’ mess coming out of the USA and affecting the globe, but you can own hard asset stocks in gold, silver and base metals which are appreciating in value.

Most of us are too busy in our daily lives and don’t have the time to compile large watch lists and relevant timely information on a regular basis. Information provided on this site and the links on the watch lists may provide some guidance. Information presented on this site was culled from a variety of sources and while efforts are made to ensure accuracy we cannot guarantee accuracy and timeliness and ask that you view our disclaimer statement before proceeding through this site.

It’s important to be aware that most junior resource companies will never end up becoming a mine. It doesn’t matter how great the management or the geological team or the project, few companies statistically reach production. Investing in the junior resource sector is more volatile than other sectors which don’t tend to offer as much upside potential. Regular attention to your investments is necessary. Shareholders can lose a part or all of their investment if they aren’t careful.  Long term “Buy and hold” strategies are not generally recommended. Having said all that, there are some excellent opportunities available for those who are prepared to do their due diligence and uncover those opportunities. Great rewards come with inherent risks attached. Managing those risks and doing one’s due diligence will enhance the opportunities for success. There is a learning curve and we have a special miscellaneous section to help you understand some of the ins and outs of investing in junior respurce stocks.

Thank you for visiting. We’ve put a lot of effort into this site to make it informative and we appreciate feedback and comments for any improvements to the site.

Good Investing,

Michael Quart
Canadian Junior Resource Stocks

Canadian Junior Resource Stocks

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