Great Panther Silver Limited Daily Chart
Great Panther Silver Limited Daily Chart January 22 2010
Marketclub – Great Panther Silver Limited Trend Analysis Marketclub - Great Panther Silver Limited Trend Analysis (What’s this?).
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The daily shows Great Panther falling all the way back to the 50 MA which now stands at $0.88. From what I read here and there this was supposed to be because of Jonathan Lebed from You can find some of his letters here.

I say, whatever! Who cares?

That would be my preferred short reaction to any such question. I mean, does there always have to be one single person responsible for every drop or rise in any stock? Do we always have to look outwards to find a culprit? Are we perhaps forgetting some of the rules of trading? Emotions play no part in the markets. Robot-mode should be activated and in the ON position at ALL time.

If you only look at Great Panther’s daily chart then it surely looks like we dropped quite a bit….while in actual fact nothing could be farther from the truth.

Take a look at some of the other juniors. I’m sure you will find many who have been hit harder from gold or silver‘s small correction, many juniors who even fail to find support at the 50 MA so there you go. What is lost now will get back sooner rather than later. With that I mean, when gold‘s correction is over then getting back to $1.12 will be over in a few trading days.

I read an interview last day, I think it was with Mickey Fulp, anyway in it he said something like…’if a company can’t earn a buck with gold trading around $1100 and silver around $17.00‘…then….I think you get the drift.

So, do I think Great Panther can make a buck with silver trading at $17.00?

Goddarndickedee I DO! I wholeheartedly do.

Ain’t no Mr.Market getting my shares cause me am in Great Panther Silver for the long haul and it is well, my own opinion, but I reckon that Great Panther will green up my portfolio for a long time to come. Then again, I could and probably will be wrong on some of my assumptions but I will let time be the decider on that and not Mr.Market for the time being.

Price wise,…anything below $0.90 is like Bargain shopping with a capital B.

Silver wise, I still stand by my original article. That goes the same for gold by the way which I think has yet to amaze investors. I will do a chart on gold a little later and will let you know what I think is in the cards.

I will never claim to know all but I know a fool’s game when I see one. I’m not fooled by the rise in the dollar nor am I fooled by golds correction and as to any stories about gold heading back below $1000…good luck with that!

Great Panther Silver Limited Weekly Chart
Great Panther Silver Limited Weekly Chart January 22 2010
Marketclub – Great Panther Silver Limited Trend Analysis Marketclub - Great Panther Silver Limited Trend Analysis (What’s this?)

Weekly then, I will keep this very brief cause the story really is unchanged! We have been in an up trend since early 2009 and that has not changed…EVER…since then. And this small correction from last week barely even shows on the weekly chart.

MACD very strong. Volume speaks volume! Chart, MA supports…well if anyone sees any downside please put a comment. At the moment and despite the correction we had….I don’t see it.

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Great Panther Silver’s Story Still Unchanged!
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