Jim Sinclairs MineSet

Their Motto

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodies qui-tacet consentit”
(Who is guarding the guards?)

Their Mission

They have a service orientated teaching forum that uses the daily market as its text and blackboard. They comment, but every commentary carries a lesson. The Spin really does stop here.

Jim Sinclair

Jim Sinclair is primarily a precious metals specialist and a commodities and foreign currency trader. He founded the Sinclair Group of Companies (1977), which offered full brokerage services in stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. The companies, which operated branches in New York, Kansas City, Toronto, Chicago, London and Geneva , were sold in 1983.

From 1981 to 1984, Mr. Sinclair served as a Precious Metals Advisor to Hunt Oil and the Hunt family for the liquidation of their silver position as a prerequisite for the $1 billion loan arranged by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volker.

He was also a General Partner and Member of the Executive Committee of two New York Stock Exchange firms and President of Sinclair Global Clearing Corporation (commodity clearing firm) and Global Arbitrage (derivative dealer in metals and currencies).

In April 2002, shareholders of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration (formerly Tan Range Exploration) approved the acquisition of Tanzania American International, a company controlled by the Sinclair family, for shares in Tan Range . Following this transaction, Mr. Sinclair became Chairman of Tan Range and now leads its efforts to become a gold royalty company.

He has authored numerous magazine articles and three books dealing with a variety of investment subjects, including precious metals, trading strategies and geopolitical events, and their relationship to world economics and the markets. He is a frequent and enormously popular speaker at gold investment conferences and his commentary on gold and other financial issues garners extensive media coverage at home and abroad.

In January 2003, Mr. Sinclair launched, “Jim Sinclairs MineSet,” which now hosts his gold commentary and is intended as a free service to the gold community.

Dan Norcini

Dan Norcini is a professional off-the-floor commodities trader and editorial contributor to jsminset.com, goldseek.com, 321gold.com and Le Metropole Café.com, among others. His editorial contributions and supporting technical analysis charts cover a broad range of tradable entities including the U.S. dollar, the Euro, the Canadian dollar, gold bullion, silver bullion, copper and crude oil.

Monty Guild

Monty Guild is the principal of Guild Investments Management which provides management services to U.S. and foreign investors with individual accounts, pension and IRA accounts, as well as domestic and foreign investment companies.

David Duval

David Duval is an internationally-recognized mining author, minerals consultant, technical advisor to the United Nations, expert on the global minerals industry, and a leading authority on the Canadian diamond sector. He is the Managing Editor and co-founder of jsmineset.com in addition to being an editorial contributor to the hugely popular online publication.

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Jim Sinclair’s MineSet
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