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About Clive Maund.

My interest in markets was first inspired by the gold and silver boom of the late 1970’s, but, sadly, I was too young at the time to do more than merely observe, with fascination, what was going on. I discovered Technical Analysis via a small paperback book called “A Guide to Saving and Investment”, which had a chapter devoted to it, as well as a reference to the bible of TA, “Technical Analysis of Stock Trends” by Edwards & Magee. Once I got my hands on this superb book there was no looking back. I soon obtained more books from the United States, necessary as TA was regarded as akin to voodoo in Britain at that time, and there was virtually no decent home grown literature available at all on the subject, apart from the writings of certain learned members of the UK Society of Technical Analysts. I educated myself by reading these American books and manually charting various markets and stocks. It wasn’t work, it was fun, a quest, because I was interested and learnt it “My Way” as Frank Sinatra used to sing. When I’d learned enough it was a natural development to move to London and work in the City.

In London I worked first for a small commodity broker tracking a wide range of markets, including things that seemed rather bizarre to me like “live hogs” and “pork bellies”, and, I must admit, I was hard put to explain some of the chart patterns that cropped up in orange juice when there was a severe frost in Florida.

From the commodity broker I moved on to a large mainstream stockbroker. There I worked on stocks, of course, but also did a considerable amount of work on currencies. I eventually left that company to work for a large international bank where I did TA on virtually everything, excluding commodities.

I used to attend the Society of Technical Analysts meetings in London, which were most interesting. On one occasion I went to a talk by Robert Prechter who enlightened us on his vision of a huge bull market in stocks – some people thought he was crazy, of course. I also obtained the society’s diploma in technical analysis.

In due course I left London and have since engaged in private trading of US markets, that has been greatly facilitated in recent times by the continuing development of the internet and online trading, which makes it possible for traders to live more or less where they like and still be completely in touch with what’s going on.

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever live to see a major Energy and Precious Metals bull market again, but now the gross excesses of the global fiat money system have assured it. The opportunities in the Energy and Precious Metals sectors of the market moved me to create a website devoted to gold, silver and oil shares, for the benefit of those investors who have the insight to grasp the magnitude of what is now unfolding. We are set to witness the most exciting times in the Energy and Precious Metals sectors since the 1970’s, and I believe that the growth in the values of stocks in these sectors over much of the remaining years of this decade will dwarf that of the 70’s.

Clive Maund – Gold, Silver and Oil Shares
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