Merrex Gold Inc.


Merrex Gold Inc.
March 16, 2010

Merrex Gold Inc. Daily Chart
Merrex Gold Inc. Daily Chart March 16 2010
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If this chart could talk then it would say something like…I am dirt cheap…please buy me and take me home!

Or something like that 😉

Anyway, after the news about Merrex Confirming the Strike Extension of Siribaya Zone 1B was released November the 19th the stock has been trading up to a high of $1.01.

Needless to say,…this thing is dirt cheap where we are at price wise. At least that is my opinion.

Volume seems to be dying down so anybody who wanted to sell has either done so already or by now never will!

Due diligence on this one as always.

News releases

March 09, 2010 Merrex Announces Jubilee Drill Results
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March 04, 2010 Merrex Commences RC Drilling at Siribaya Gold Project
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February 16, 2010 Merrex Announces 20,000 Metre Drill Program for Siribaya Gold Project
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February 03, 2010 Merrex 2010 Resource Increases Grade and Establishes Indicated Resource at Siribaya
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January 20, 2010 Merrex – Drilling Commences at Jubilee
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January 14, 2010 Merrex  –  Chrysos Capital Commences Trading
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January 07, 2010 New Year Greeting From the President
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January 04, 2010 Merrex Closes Jubilee Zinc Sale and Acquires Control of Chrysos Capital and its Niaouleni Gold Project
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I myself am not a shareholder of Merrex Gold Inc.

Trendtrader owns shares of Merrex Gold Inc.

Merrex Gold Inc. (MXI.V)
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