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Mar 29, 2010 08:30 ET

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – March 29, 2010) – Fission Energy (“Fission” or “the Company”) (TSX VENTURE:FIS) announces that WAT10-092A, an angled step-out hole located approximately 140m west of the “J-Zone” hole WAT10-087, and WAT10-094A, a vertical step-out, located approximately 75m east of the “J-Zone” near the property boundary, have both intersected highly radioactive mineralization. A narrow 0.20m intercept of “off scale” radioactivity (>9,999 cps) was identified in hole WAT10-094A. More importantly, these two drill holes have identified mineralization 300m apart, on either side of the “J-Zone” from east to west.

Drill Hole Summary

Hole WAT-092A, an angled step-out to the west, was collared at 130˚ azimuth and -52˚ dip to a total depth of 455.0m. The unconformity was intersected at 252.16m. Intermittent zones of anomalous radioactivity (>300 CPS) beginning just above the unconformity were intersected between 251.0m to 307.5m, as shown below:

  • 251.0m – 253.0m: up to 680 CPS
  • 263.0 – 265.5m: up to 3,005 CPS
  • 273.0 – 274.0m: up to 900 CPS
  • 280.5 – 281.0m: up to 1,200 CPS
  • 303.5 – 307.0m: up to 7,580 CPS

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Fission Step-Outs Intersect Highly Radioactive Mineralization 140m West of the “J-Zone” at “Highland” & 70m East of the “J-Zone”
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