Ten years ago innovative online brokers radically changed how trading was conducted. The markets were opened to a new generation of retail traders who could execute their orders at a fraction of the previous cost and who could enjoy virtual real time access to the latest prices. Globally the numbers of online accounts has soared and the latest estimates are that there are more than 100 million active accounts. As commission rates have collapsed so has service.

Only the largest clients can expect any personal (or more accurately personalized) attention. The vast majority of investors are either herded into funds or are offered an execution only facility.

Some firms would prefer if retail clients had their investments managed on a discretionary basis by independent money managers. Ignoring for the moment whether these managers are any good, let’s agree that they are very expensive. Their fees are seriously hazardous to your wealth. As Warren Buffett said in his letter to shareholders:

“A record portion of the earnings that would go in their entirety to owners… is now going to a swelling army of Helpers (i.e. Managers-ed) Particularly expensive is the recent pandemic of profit arrangements under which Helpers receive large portions of the winnings when they are smart or lucky, and leave family members with all of the losses – and large fixed fees to boot – when the Helpers are dumb or unlucky (or occasionally crooked).”

Zignals is transforming investing in three ways:

  1. We are leveling the playing field by offering for free and in an independent forum trading floor quality tools and global market data: real time charts, multi-currency portfolio management, active fundamental screeners and comprehensive alerts
  2. Zignals provides a unique graphical platform to develop and test trading systems for stocks, forex, gold and energy.
  3. The Zignals MarketPlace is an exchange where trading systems can be published and bought. Zignals members can make money by providing access to their successful trading strategies.

We enable unprecedented personalized attention through powerful dynamic trading signals, alerts and investor services. Together they create the best decision support tools on the web. Our goal is to enable the research and investment strategies which deliver real financial performance for investors.

Membership is free.

Zignals – The New Ebay of Finance