NewsFirst of all vacation time for us is a time of relaxation, visiting a faraway destination away from the markets to refuel our batteries. Also a time to look back what we did /accomplished and how we can further improve in the future.

What I’m doing to improve is:

  • Study some more about trading
    • I have several books I want to study, workshops I want to attend.
  • Analyze our trade log
    • This gives valuable information what our strengths or weaknesses are. And I focus on the weaknesses and try to look in to them and try to improve these. This also determines which books ore workshops we attend.
  • Improve our trading plan
    • Our trade log analysis results in a further improvement of our trading plan
  • learn from our mistakes.

So when you do not find new info here, it is not that we are not busy. We are just getting ready for a new round.

Vacation time 2010!

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