Zignals.com awarded us with the second place in their competition for the best trading strategy.

Here their email:

Our first competition has ended and we have winners!

First place is for Dhruba and his iStockGuide_Strategy. Over the 3 month June-August period his strategy returned 15.4% over the 3 months and 41.1% since June 2009. The Nifty returned 2.9% over the same period.

Second place is for TradersBonanza and his Gold Juniors Enhanced. The strategy is built around 18 Canadian mining stocks and has returned 83% over the past 2 years and 9.8% over the test period. The Toronto Stock Exchange offered 3.0% for the three months. The strategy costs $15 a month. TradersBonanza offers ten other strategies, two of which are commodity based.

We started working on our strategies around April 2010 and currently we have 10 different strategies.

In an older article we talked about our Oil Guzzler Enhanced strategy on crude oil and truth be told this strategy advised again and again a profitable trade. This is not some kind of commercial or so, we are just happy that our hard work paid off.

Here you can see the profit that our system made since 2000. In this difficult trading year it still manages to make a profit while trading crude oil.

I would advise to trade only a small portion of your portfolio on crude oil, about 2% till 4% of your total portfolio because crude oil is one risky liquid to trade.

Second place for our Gold Juniors Enhanced trading strategy.
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