Merry Christmas

From TradersBonanza we want to wish everybody a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a great New Year. The markets will be having on and off-days in the coming days ahead while everybody prepares for the festivities and time with their family.

Lets take these days and spend them not worrying about the markets and a little bit more about fun and relaxation and away from your usual everyday trade. There is always another trading day but it is vital in trading to also allow your mind to take a few days off and to try to recharge those batteries. What better time then the holidays to accomplish this?

So…no more checking that portfolio, no more thinking about that next trade, no more worrying about that position in the red, no more thinking about that expiring option,…no more of anything besides relaxing and having fun.

A special thanks go out to David Banister from Active Trading Partners, Chris Vermeulen from, J.W. Jones from OptionsTradingSignals and all my stockhouse friends, the Zignals team and basically all traders and people around the world!

May the coming year bring you all peace and happiness and of course as the traders we are…many profits and a portfolio in the green.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from TradersBonanza!

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