Aurcana Corporation
Last week on Friday Aurcana Corporation went up 10% and we have been buying this two times already and have scaled in half of a full positio. Volume was increasing on thursday and on Friday up it went. We will keep this for the longer term since the there is a lot of upside for this stock.

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Aurcana Corporation (Aurcana) is a Canada-based company. The Company is engaged in the business of mining, exploration and development of mineral properties. The principal focus is the operation and development of mineral properties, primarily silver operations located in Mexico and the United States. The Company is operating the La Negra silver-copper-zinc-lead mine (La Negra), located in the state of Queretaro, through Real de Maconi S.A. de C.V. In addition to the Mexico operations, the Company has acquired the Shafter Silver Mine located in Presidio County, southwest Texas, which is held through the Company’s 100% owned US subsidiary Silver Assets Inc.

Lydian International
We also have 1/4 of a position in Lydian International. We will also keep this for the longer term and keep buying till we have a full position.

What do we do behind the scenes?
We do a lot more buying and selling which we do not alert here, like palladium long last week, S&P500 long and lots more of mining stocks that we invest in. Our horizon is a few months till about a year.

When we get enough requests we may start offering a service so you will get all the alerts at the same time that we buy or sell. If you are interested please let yourself be heard and in the future we might . If you have been following us for the last years then you see that most of our picks went sky high.

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