StraightForex was established on 2005. Since then they have helped traders on all continents to reach consistency in their trading results.

Raul Lopez, head trader & coach at StraightForex. He has been trading the Forex market since it was first available for retail traders. When he started trading, he tried every technical indicator, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci and other fancy strategies/robots, but all of them ended up losing money in the long run.

After a few years of trial and error, he developed a simple and objective methodology based on price action that allows me to profit consistently from the Forex market (it also works on any other liquid market such as gold, oil, stocks, indexes, etc.). He can help you adapt this system to your trading style and risk profile, so you get consistent results too.

If you want to start trading for a living, you need to have a consistent strategy, you need to be disciplined and patient, you need to have an expert by your side telling you what to do and what to stay away from until you have the experience to decide this by yourself, you need to manage your risk and trades effectively, and a few more things.  StraightForex can help you with all these, but most importantly, They will  be by your side (even after the course ends) and together, they’ll help you reach consistency on your trading results.

This is what really differentiates them from others, from day one, you’ll have unlimited support by their instructors, access to their trading plan and trade recommendations, videos and more. Once a part of The Trade for a Living Forex Training program, you will always be a part of their team, always. And better yet, you will be able to make some pips by following their trades while you learn.

Raul Lopez

Forex Trader & Coach

Facts about Raul Lopez

  • Got interested in the Forex market in a senior project back in his college days
  • Majored in economics with a specialty on financial derivatives
  • Trades a self-developed system based on price action (more than 5 years of development)
  • When Raul is not trading he is probably spending some time with his family
  • Plays Classical Guitar (has played on major events)
  • He has ran several marathons and half-marathons
Raul Lopez –

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