Working on the speed of the site

We are hosting several ASP.NET sites on our current hoster and are happy about that. But the speed of this site is in no comparison to the speed of our other sites. The speed of our other sites is less than 1 second for a normal page and for this site now and then it takes a few seconds. So because we take what we do seriously and want to offer the best, we have been doing a lot of things to improve the performance. Here a short list where we are now:

  • First we looked at the coding, the content and optimized that.
  • That helped a bit, but the speed improvement was not enough so we took a new subscription on a Linux system at our current hoster and looked at the speed of that system. We are currently hosting on a Windows Server and the idea was that this would improve the speed. Well, the speed increase was too less in my eyes. So away with the new subscription and the conquest for speed continues.
  • We also took a subscription at another hosting company but we were also not to happy about that.
  • The last days and especially during the weekend I was researching a few companies. I was looking at the features that the site needs to be fast, the kind of server and so on. So I took a new subscription with another hoster and I am testing a little side project on it now. And yes, I finally feel good about the speed and I have not did any tuning at all. No compression, no caching, nothing at all and it loads fast as it should.

What am I going to do next:

  • Test the new hoster to see if it also can host a bigger site like this one.
  • Test if the new host stays fast.
  • Also if it is a reliable host that has near 99.99% up-time.
  • If their email any good

So it should take some time before all the testing is done and we have been migrated to the new servers, if we are still happy after all the testing has finished.

So besides the trading we also have enough work to keep this site up and running.

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