Disappointed in banks? Then read on how to invest your money and maybe even get a nice profit. You never know? Only for our European visitors I have a nice low risk trader that you can copy for free and because an image says more than a thousand words here his results over a year.

What comes to mind when you see that charts with profits?:

  • It is a steady rising line
  • He does not risk about 0,5% for every trade, so the risk is limited
  • He trades only the EURUSD and has a fixed strategy.
  • Also when he is wrong he has a strategy to turn and go with the new trend
  • He trades frequently since the chart nicely goes up
  • In 12 months > 139% so that is really nice for a low risk trader.

That is why I call this trader a bank. He risks just a little to get a nice profit time after time and after a few months the compounding really is starting to matter.

Do you want to copy this trader for free?
If you want to copy this trader then you can first try out in demo or take a live account. Search for the trader pawelskrzyp and copy him with the copy button. Allocate a certain amount of cash and you are set to go!

Disappointed in banks? Want more bang for your buck?

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