Like you might have noticed the last weeks the site wasn’t as fast as it was. In the past we took several actions to improve the performance but we were still hitting a brick wall some time later. So that is why we started looking at other options.

Now instead of Internet Information Server (IIS) from Microsoft hosted on a windows server we switched to Apache on a Linux server. Why this change you might ask? First of all wordpress and php the language it is written in, is coming from the Linux world. Also certain plugins for wordpress to thighten security are for linux/apache. So out of the box it will perform better under a linux server with all the features wordpress has to offer.

After some testing we decided to migrate to another hoster on a linux server. This hoster also was better equiped for hosting wordpress sites. Some hosting companies take special measures to make sure wordpress runs smoothly. And our new hosting company offers that.

You probably will notice a big difference in speed. Maybe here and there a picture will be missing but we will fix that soon. The most important was to get a fast site that we again could be happy about. Faster means quicker to post new articles, upgrade the site and so on.

You may always contact us if you want to give us any feedback.

Happy trading

Faster site on new hoster

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