Summary Report

Ok, now that you have read the lesson material and taken the quiz, please make sure you completely understand and/or do the following:

– Review each technical indicator, put them in your charts and identify which indicator or indicators you feel more comfortable trading with, try different indicators and remember each one of them could be used in different ways, some for trend identification, trigger signal, etc. This exercise is important because you will probably be using one or two of them (trade confirmation, or trend identification, etc) when developing your system.

– It’s also very important to understand all aspects of technical indicators and what must be considered in their use (please refer to section 11).

– Identify the relationship between timeframes.

I know this lesson is probably the largest and most technical of all, so you are going to need more time here (2 or 3 days) to complete the job. It is important you do it thoroughly and comprehensively!

Good luck!

By: Raul Lopez


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