Options-Trading-GuideMany experts will try to explain the right way to trade options by laying out a certain number of steps.  For example, you may see ‘Trading Options in 7 Steps’ or ’13 Easy Steps for Trading Options.’  This overly simplistic approach can often send the novice option trading investor down the wrong path and not teach the investor a solid methodology for options trading.

Ditch the Steps, Learn Option Trading Strategies

To successfully trade options, you need to understand various options strategies.  Other experts ‘Step 1 Determine the underlying…..’ won’t make any sense at all if you don’t have an understanding of the strategy that you need to use.  Option trading has many different types strategies from vertical debit and credit spreads, calendar spreads, butterfly spreads, iron butterfly spreads, ratio butterfly spreads, and iron condors.  If you do not understand what those different strategies are, you will never know how to properly identify what is needed for Step 1 let alone get to step 13 an actually make an options trade.  Even if you get to Step 7 or Step 13 will you have any confidence that you are doing the right thing?

Learn Option Trading by Doing, with Guidance from a Proven Expert

Options Trading Signals provides 4 to 6 trade ideas a month.

Each trade idea has three important components:

1. a detailed explanation of the trade name/strategy

2. specific trade information and 3. and explanation of the methodology.


With each trade idea you will learn:

1. what strategy you are using

2. specifically what to do and

3. why you are doing it.

As there are so many trade ideas each month you will be able to take your time, understand the process, and make solid decisions.  By ditching the steps and learning options with an expert in a real trading situation, you will really begin to understand the fundamentals of option trading.  Once you understand the what and the why you can then put your own steps together with your options trading successes.

Start Options Trading Right In 2014 With Options Trading Signals!

The Right Steps for Options Trading