Here you can see how I analyze the markets. So I left all the stuff in the chart like trend lines, indicators and volume.

I have been following BTC since November 2017. We first had some troubles at a bit more than 9600$, BTC went down and went up for a double top and left for lower regions. I did not indicate it on the chart but I see a wave 1 till 5 up (till almost 10k), And now we are getting an ABC correction down, target around 8000$-7400$.

Some guy supposedly dropped some BTC on the market, about 8000 pieces and brought down the market. Reality is, I was waiting for a descent correction so I could get into my buying mode. For me I am looking at wave 1 that we had, then wave 2 (form ABC) then a longer wave 3 up. If not, I have to make a new plan. But the plan now is to look around the levels I specified what the market does. TA is just some probability. Now it goes down, period, when it will stop, time will tell. I only can give some targets. When those are penetrated we look at other levels. And maybe I have to adjust my vision!

Some ALTS that I am considering when it gets at some lower levels:

  • VeChain
  • EOS
  • Icon
  • Zilliqa
  • Ethos


BTC letting us down?
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