Here we have another interesting coin that I have been following since the ICO, Sadly I was about 1 or 2 days  late to sign in. But we have another chance to get into this coin.

Currently I do not trust Bitcoin a bit, it goes up, down, sideways. So I still have in the back of my mind some thought that it will go down big time before it will start another bull cycle. So for now take care, set your stop losses because if Bitcoin tips over it will take the Altcoins with it into the abyss.

Looking at the chart

  • We see a nice trend up
  • We retraced a fair bit
  • We are building a bottom and even ranging a bit for some time
  • Today we tried to break the range
  • First we broke through the ichimoku cloud
  • We bounced 2 times back up
  • And on the 4h chart we recently had a cross over for the ichimoku (blue line goes over red line and prices are trading above the cloud)

For some fundamentals look at an article on Binance.

Today I just wanted to give an alert for this coin.

When you buy this coin

  • do not put too much in it, just do 1/4 of what you normally would do
  • set your stop loss (some options)
    • around 15% lower.
    • or you can look at the cloud and put it under the cloud.
    • or under the red line
Will Ziliqa break out?
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