Old school

Remember the last time you looked and the site looked like this?

New look

Not anymore, we finally found some time to change our dark (old school) design in something a bit more fresh, less crowded and on top of that we made it responsive. Responsive means that our website will render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. I tested it on an iPad, smartphone and desktop. On smaller devices the menu bar is collapsed and a menu is shown that you can open to go to all the menu options.

We still have some work to do like fix some problems with the following menus:

  • Tags menu
  • Archives
  • Sitemap

They were all custom made pages, so we have to get them working in the new design.


  • we will have to address some layout issues
  • the menu on the right is supposed to be dynamic, but currently it shows way to many items
  • and we are missing the search bar (I guess you will have to ask Google for now)


If you have any comments you can contact us!

New look for our website!

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