is a combined joint venture by two zealous traders. One who’s main focus is to help others become a better trader and the other who’s found his home in the commodities sector. Combine the two and you get TradersBonanza!

Bonanza for…Bonanza-grade gold, Bonanza-grade silver and so on and on. That was my (YeOldGoldNugget) part of the website name.

The other ‘Traders’ part of the website was by my partner Trendtrader who already was blogging about how to trade, what to watch out for and so on.

That is basically the idea behind the website…in a nutshell that is.

As you can see, I’ve made six different categories and I will briefly explain something about each one.


AlertIn this category you will find our latest stock picks or alerts. This will mostly be alerts on resource stocks or futures. The resources we are interested in are mostly energy, gold, silver, copper, uranium, oil, platinum, palladium,…and the futures range from agriculture commodities like wheat, corn, coffee, soybeans and more.


ExpertsThis is where we will post articles about other financial writers who have made it their goal to help or inform other investors on the happenings in the stock market.

How to Trade?

How to Trade?In this category you will find articles on various aspects of trading. Here you will also find email trading courses and trading videos to help you become a better trader and hopefully in the end a more profitable one.

Market Analysis

Market AnalysisThe category ‘Market Analysis’ is where we dig a little deeper and try to find out more about individual stocks or indexes. Is a stock or index undergoing an UP or a DOWN trend? What kind of possible supports or resistances are there and basically anything needed to better define an entry or exit from a stock.


NewsIn this category you can read more about various aspects of the markets. This can vary from updates on juniors with a story to tell or stories fresh from the wire and of worth to investors.

News Releases

News Release In this category you will find the latest news releases. This can either be drill results, news about financing, quarter results and basically anything a company releases as news to its shareholders.