I was always interested in economics. The idea of having my own business and making some hard cash in a fun way was always on my mind.

Some history.

In 1999 I started trading, and just before the peak (early 2000) I took my profits (10% on my total account in just two months) and left the markets for some time. It was a time when the dot-com bubble bursted. I remember clearly that my broker told me that I could still hold all my stocks. Which I did not do. Just two weeks in advance when everything collapsed hard, I had sold all my positions.

At that time, the online brokers were not as accessible as they are now, and there were not so many instruments to short stocks, futures and so on.

In late 2008, I entered the markets again and in August 2009 began the blog goldandstocks.blogspot.com.

The free alerts that I gave showed a very good return in just a half year of trading and I wanted to get my site to the next level and did this together with YeOldGoldNugget and started www.TradersBonanza.com

What do I do?

I make sure that our trading continues to improve. I monitor all of our trades and analyze what went right or wrong and what could possibly be improved the next time.

I take care of the following: trading plan, trade log, psychology, money management to name just a few.

From my experience in the markets, I write articles so that you can improve your trading. Now and then I also give an alert, but read our disclaimer before you enter the markets.