Holtermann Nugget

About me

I am a stand alone investor and I am thus not a professional trader. What I am however is a totally independent writer and webmaster of TradersBonanza! I do not get paid and have not been paid for any article published on this site. This website has been set up entirely by yours truly and a friend of mine (Trendtrader). When I however do get contacted by said company asking me to do a feature for them then I will always state so in my article or in my disclaimer or about page.

So you can rest assured that everything published by me on this site are my own opinions and mine alone.

If I am not a professional trader then why do I know all this stuff? Give a baker butter, flour, salt, sugar, water and yeast and he most likely will end up baking you a deliciously tasting bread. Give YeOldGoldNugget a whole lot of hours, books, articles, the internet, little know-how, common knowledge and education, throw in a whole number of INO trading videos* and an online brokerage account and YeOldGoldNugget ends up as a commodities trader and writer. Oh well.

Oh, uh, I do realize that I put the baker in there first and giving him all those ingredients, a bit stupid really if a baker can’t bake a bread. Anyway, to correct that little error by design you can also replace the baker and give a randomly selected bunch of people those very same ingredients. There’s bound to be someone who will wind up with something vaguely resembling a bread…I’m sure of that. And in some time he will even be called a baker by his fellow bunch of people who happened to fail in doing what he did when handed those very same ingredients,…which is…baking an edible bread.

Catch my drift 🙂

The gray banner below will get you to those free videos. If you want to move up a notch, try their premium* service. I have to tell you, it involves studying and following courses which I assume isn’t to everyone’s taste. While I do understand that not everyone has the same time available I have to say, it is my opinion that every trader should devote some time into mastering the very basic skills and terms of trading.

Trust me, those few hours learning can save you a bundle in the long term. Mind you, with those few hours I am just referring to taking the email course and watching the free INO videos. If you should try their premium service then I am talking about numerous days of education on a whole different set of topics.

Lastly, I am not about quantity but about quality so you won’t see me churning out daily articles because that would sorta degrade my performance.

Why is there a picture of an old man with a humongous goldnugget beside him? Is that you?

Nope! That ain’t me! That is a German prospector called Bernhard Otto Holtermann. The goldnugget has a mass of nearly all solid gold. Found in 1872 and weighing a whopping 630lb & valued at 12,000 pounds at that time. Unlike Bernhard, I do not need the fame nor the fortune so therefor no picture of me and the family. Call me old school. Heck, I can’t even handle a mobile phone.

Another interesting tidbit about me is,…I make it no secret that I like the Venture Exchange a lot. Sometimes even more than I do the Toronto exchange. Yes, I know, I will probably stand to loose a lot more money on the Venture Exchange than I possibly would on the Toronto Exchange. Then again, I try to diversify, some into the more blue chipped TSX companies and some on the adventurous Venture Exchange.

About the junior company banners on my website. Nope. They ain’t ‘paid for banners’ or at least I by now must have missed some cheques. Maybe my wife snatched them while I wasn’t paying attention?

No seriously, those are just junior companies I like myself and which I think might outperform the market anywhere down the line. I could be wrong, then again I could very well be right. Doesn’t really matter either way, I like them for the moment so in return I put a banner up. So, I could have very well posted a banner of Crazy Horse Resources lets say some time ago,…doesn’t mean you had to buy that though!!!

Oh wait…never mind 😉

Also, those banners can change as time goes on, just depends if I think another is more worthy of a little attention.

One last thing, I am open for requests from my readers. So, just use the contact form and tell me the name of the stock you want a technical analysis on and I will see what I can do.

I’m not here to get YOUR money, I’m here to help you get YOU money!

Big difference again.

About the site

On TradersBonanza besides my chart reviews you will also find my stock picks which might potentially perform well in the following days and or weeks from posting.

On occasion I will also post some information about the stock or some latest news.

Therefore, it is always a must, to besides the what I deem to be, a positive chart at the time of posting, to also do your own due diligence on the company’s background.

The stocks which you will see here are stocks mostly in very strong up trends, breaking 200 Moving Averages, breaking earlier highs,…

Also, it is unrealistic to expect immediate results. Always make sure to use a stop-loss order to minimize the risk of a failing trade growing worse and worse every day. With gains that goes sort off the same, take profits from time to time and if you still feel confident about the stock, try to add on weakness and sell on strength.

Very important to remember that. A stock which is undergoing a strong uptrend can still be pulled down with a correction in lets say gold or silver. Therefore the use of a stop-loss.

Remember, everything posted here is based on my own opinion and should thus not be taken as trading advice. That is also what the disclaimer is for. You and YOU alone are responsible for any losses incurred! Before putting any money in the stock market have a look at my trading tips first.

When you see a stock alert it is your OBLIGATION to do due diligence on the company I’ve picked! When I am interested in a company then I will explicitly state the things I like about the company. There will also be times I post an alert with just a chart or a quick summary. Either way, it is always important to investigate for yourself, do your own due diligence. Very very important point to remember!

Check out under our category ‘Experts‘ and have a look at the report Casey Research did on The Eight P’s of Resource Stock Evaluation.

If you want more certainty about your investment then in all honesty, all 8 P‘s must be met. Not all stock picks posted here will meet those 8P‘s so before investing check for yourself, email the company, check the forums, see what the buzz is in the market, look at their finances, their projects, look at SEDAR, look at insider trading, look at volumes,…basically…treat every stock like a hospital would treat a patient. Screen them through vigilantly before investing a dime into their company.

Remember :

Riskier bets on the venture with disposable cash and the safer bets on the Toronto and with those 8 P‘s in mind. Try to keep a fine line between the risky and the safe zone. NEVER EVER let money from the safe zone spill into the risky zone. With this I mean, if you wasted all your disposable cash, don’t go around selling shares from your safe bets to invest again in the riskier zone. Only use your profits. Of course, money can and SHOULD flow from the risky to the safer zone.

Keep in mind. You already should have 25% cash on the side at all times just to be on the safe side and also to add to positions when time calls for such an action. So that means, if that pool is less than 25% then you really shouldn’t invest in the riskier zone until you have replenished your home base so to speak. I know that sounds silly but that is just one part of becoming a hardened and disciplined trader. Knowing when to quit is another 😉

This site is still non-commercial but that can change if a story comes along which is good enough and worthy of  delivery to my readers. So, if you are a junior company with a story to tell and you can succeed in convincing me then do get in touch. Keep in mind though, while I do appreciate the sight of coins, bills, silver or gold, I value honesty, integrity and trust even more.