Next week in the gold market

Trying to predict short term direction is notoriously difficult, especially in the volatile metals market, but I’m going to take a stab at it today.  First off let me start with the big picture: For almost a year now I’ve been saying that the inflation that’s been stored in the stock market for the last […]

Another big move up coming in mining shares

Now that the first leg off the bear market bottom has been completed the mining shares have been consolidating for the last three weeks in preparation for another leg up, and I expect the second leg will be almost as powerful as the first.   As gold is now late in its daily cycle I’m […]

Daily commenatry

Daily commentary for Feb. 28

1st hurdle cleared

The Nasdaq has now broken out above the first of two major resistance zones at 4250. Once it breaks above 4290 there is nothing but air between there and the all time highs above 5000.   The SMT commodity portfolio is leaping higher as coffee surged 9% today and the grains and softs are just […]

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place

Today another piece fell into place in my Great Inflation scenario that I’m expecting for 2014.  Before I begin let me recap. My overarching driver for the Great Inflation scenario is that the dollar would have some kind of crisis, or semi-crisis late this year as it drops down into its major three year cycle […]

The great inflation of 2014

For over a year now I’ve been expecting 2014 to be the year when the unintended consequences of five years of QE come home to roost. By the end of the year we are going to have a massive inflationary spike in commodity prices that will collapse the global economy. It’s all going to start […]