Stock Market Flashes A Buy Signal Part II

I hope you fellow Canadians had a great Canada Day long weekend and Happy Independence Day to those south of the boarder! A couple weeks back on June 19th I posted my analysis on how the stock market was bottoming and that we needed a couple key sectors to participate before we would get a […]

European Contagion, The Domestic Banks, and the SP 500

“The paranoia gripped us, The rain turned engines to rust The panic set in like a cancer to our hearts; Spreading through We bet on finite genius; Or prayed for God to save us But there was no antidote, Disease tore us apart We left bodies in the fields, So numb that we forgot how […]

Vertical Credit Spreads & Clues About S&P500 Left Behind by the Russell

Before discussing why I think the S&P 500 may be setting up to rally I have to discuss an options strategy that often times is overlooked. Besides writing covered calls and cash-secured naked puts (same risk profile by the way), one of the most basic spread constructions available to option traders is the vertical spread. […]