AlertIn this category you will find our latest stock picks or alerts. This will mostly be alerts on resource stocks or futures. The resources we are interested in are mostly gold, silver, oil, uranium, copper, platinum, palladium,…and the futures range from commodities like wheat, corn, coffee, soybeans and more.

Stock market and Commodities pullback?

Hello traders Here is today’s video on the stock market and commodities talking about a possible 6-12 week pullback in stocks. Play Video Sincerely, Chris Vermeulen


I have been interested in Forex for a long time but the number of trades in Forex was far less in the amount of trades than our trading in commodities. So I was not an expert in Forex, you might say. During the start of the year I always am rewriting/improving our trading plan and […]

Possible mining stocks to consider buying

Aurcana Corporation Last week on Friday Aurcana Corporation went up 10% and we have been buying this two times already and have scaled in half of a full positio. Volume was increasing on thursday and on Friday up it went. We will keep this for the longer term since the there is a lot of […]

Quick short on Silver: update

I shorted silver a few days ago and wanted to post a chart of the trade. Silver 1h chart This is the 1h chart and I only use the daily, 4h, and 1h chart to trade. As you can see silver did fall nicely so the trade worked out fine. When the trade was profitable […]

A quick short on Silver

I took a silver short with my favorite Forex broker. I suspect it to go to $36,60, hopefully not lower since I own some silver stocks. Disclaimer: *We are affiliates of eToroUSA

EURUSD another week another winner

I hope you read yesterdays article about our EURUSD alert. Here is the 4h chart: You can see that we have had a nice run up and I made 22% of profit. I didn’t go too crazy with the leverage and it worked out all fine even a bit faster than I expected. If you […]