In this category you will find alerts on the different valuta pairs we like to trade like the EURUSD, EURGBP and many more.

EURUSD another week another winner

I hope you read yesterdays article about our EURUSD alert. Here is the 4h chart: You can see that we have had a nice run up and I made 22% of profit. I didn’t go too crazy with the leverage and it worked out all fine even a bit faster than I expected. If you […]

EURUSD may bounce up!

EURUSD daily chart Let us look at the daily chart of the EURUSD The EURUSD failed to penetrate the previous high and retraced a bit. I have drawn a possible target for a bounce to the upside. I also have drawn a trend line that could boost the EURUSD up again. What will I do? […]