Silver BarIn this category you will find alerts on companies which mostly deal in silver. That can mean they either explore, develop or produce silver or get their revenues through other means like royalties.

Quick short on Silver: update

I shorted silver a few days ago and wanted to post a chart of the trade. Silver 1h chart This is the 1h chart and I only use the daily, 4h, and 1h chart to trade. As you can see silver did fall nicely so the trade worked out fine. When the trade was profitable […]

A quick short on Silver

I took a silver short with my favorite Forex broker. I suspect it to go to $36,60, hopefully not lower since I own some silver stocks. Disclaimer: *We are affiliates of eToroUSA

Taking profits on Orko silver Corp

I just took my profits on Orko Silver Corp. After a small dip this stock will probably go higher, but since I have exactly 31.85% of profits I am happy for now. I just buy this stock back later when I come back from a well deserved vacation on a nice sunny island. I expect […]

Orko silver climbs out of his valley!

It seems that Orko Silver is climbing out of his valley and marches to higher grounds. I strongly believe in this company so I add on dips. I was first looking what gold would do and it seems to have finished an ABC correction and it goes up further. Orko might also go down a […]

Update Platinum Group Metals Limited and Great Panther Resources

As you will probably know I mostly follow the metals like platinum, palladium, silver and gold or the mining stocks. Platinum Group Metals Limited TSE:PTM Again this month the price shoots straight up and we get an extra year-end bonus of +38.22% Platinum and palladium hit three-week highs Thursday after Securities and Exchange Commission filings […]