How to Trade?

How to Trade?In this category you will find articles on various aspects of trading. Here you will also find email trading courses and trading videos to help you become a better trader and hopefully in the end a more profitable one.

Before you start

Trading basics

How to choose a position?
There is more then one method but for starters I would like to introduce the following method. The article covers a longer term investment strategy for trading the DOW but can also be used to trade stocks.



Choosing a Trading Subscription Service
When you want some extra help you can subscribe to a Trading Subscription Service, but how do you choose a Trading Subscription service?. We have experience with several services so check out our guidelines.

Trading services we reviewed

Forex reviews

Free trading videos
Please take a look at these 7 free trading lessons that will teach you a lot that you need to know before you start trading. I will say it again and again, please first educate yourself so you know what you are doing before entering.

Section IV: Looking for Excitement

Some other traders are attracted to the Forex market or any other financial market because of the excitement that is to be and be named a trader. And to tell you the truth, it is very exciting. But if this is the main reason you were attracted to the Forex market, or more precisely, this […]

Section I: Introduction

By now, you should know that it is important to trade based on a trading system; otherwise, it will be very hard to generate consistent profits from the Forex market. Trading systems tell you where to get in and out the market. When you devise a system, you look for certain moves and what indicators, […]

Summary Report

Ok, now that you have read the lesson material and taken the quiz, please make sure you completely understand and/or do the following: – Review each technical indicator, put them in your charts and identify which indicator or indicators you feel more comfortable trading with, try different indicators and remember each one of them could […]

Section VII: Some Other Points to Take in Consideration

Here are some important points you need to take in consideration while creating your trading system. 1. Always be skeptical about your own ideas, focus only on results. Sometimes is easy to track trading opportunities, what is hard is to capitalize on them and make money from them. The performance of any trading system should […]

Section IV: Chart Patterns

The same psychology used with candlesticks applies to chart patterns. Investors and traders make transactions for a wide variety of reasons; most trading decisions are emotionally driven: closing a position because of fear of losing more, adding more positions in hope of greater gains and many more. All these result in an imbalance of supply […]

Section III: Important Economic Indicators by Country

In this section we will give you a quick overview of the economy of each of the Major currency pairs and the most important fundamentals releases for each one of them. Note however, that this list is provided “as is” and may not reflect what happens in the real world. Use this only for informational […]