NewsIn this category you can read more about various aspects of the markets. This can vary from updates on juniors with a story to tell or stories fresh from the wire and of worth to investors.

Marketclub free trail (no credit card required)

We’ve all seen the ads for trading tools that promise to double or triple your investment or pick instant winning trades. The thing is, you never really get to see this “amazing” technology without paying tons of money for it. If these products were so amazing, why wouldn’t they let you try them to decide […]

Free $20 coupon for trading (limited number)

Get your free $20 coupon to trade with eToro . How do you get your $20 coupon: Sign in Choose a trader you want to copy. Take this trader for example. Make sure you are logged (on the top right can find the login) Click left below the photo on the COPY button Click “Have […]

Faster site on new hoster

Like you might have noticed the last weeks the site wasn’t as fast as it was. In the past we took several actions to improve the performance but we were still hitting a brick wall some time later. So that is why we started looking at other options. Now instead of Internet Information Server (IIS) […]

Investor Gold Buying to Resume & Fed Doubling Their Balance Sheet AGAIN!

A leading precious metals consultancy, Thomson Reuters GFMS, has forecast that investors will buy record amounts of gold in the remainder of 2012. GFMS produces the benchmark supply and demand statistics for the gold market. GFMS forecasts that investors will purchase 973 tons of gold in the second half of 2012, more than during the […]

Working on the speed of the site

We are hosting several ASP.NET sites on our current hoster and are happy about that. But the speed of this site is in no comparison to the speed of our other sites. The speed of our other sites is less than 1 second for a normal page and for this site now and then it […]

A bit busy

Yes, I know I have been a bit busy with a lot of things. Now and then articles appear and I am happy about that, but I would like to see some more articles. But due to some time restrictions and some other projects we keep it to the bare essentials here. My partner took […]